August 3-4, 2015

The event included scientific conference, workshops, roundtable and exhibition.

The event presented the latest research in the subject area by combining multiple camera angles the camera, depth sensor and TOF camera to create high resolution 3D / 4D point cloud.

Another topic was the non-destructive modern technology recording and assessment of the state of the material characteristics of movable and immovable cultural heritage.

At the round table “Our heritage – our concern and responsibility” was the speaking about heritage as a non-renewable and limited resource that binds both the individual and the community to preserve, reasonable and sustainable use and management.

The exhibition of posters were present valuable items from the ethnographic collection of Monastery of Our Lady of Sinj.

At the workshop, participants were learned different techniques of data collection on selected museum exhibits and free programs for 3D modeling, database modeling with online open source solutions and modules for 3D visualization.

The official languages were English and Croatian.

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