UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage MNEMOSYNE
at the Cyprus University of Technology

Activity 2021

2nd International Conference on Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling & Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

13-15 Dec 2021|Virtual, GR|Conference (Presentation)
Digital Heritage a Holistic Approach [MI]

The Future of the Virtual Past

09-10 Dec 2021|Virtual, GB|Forum (Attendance)

EVA International Conference on Digital Technologies & Historical Culture

07-08 Dec 2021|Virtual, BR|Conference (Presentation)
Digital Cultural Heritage supporting Social & Educational Innovation [MI]

15th International Conference on Metadata & Semantics Research

 29 Nov-03 Dec 2021|Virtual, ES|Conference (Co-Organiser)

Asian Network of Industrial Heritage (ANIH) 2021

01 Oct 2021|Virtual, TW|Conference (Paper)
The Antikythera Mechanism: The First Analog Computer [KE]

EuroMed 2021

30 Sep-03 Oct 2021|Virtual, GR|Conference (Co-Organiser)
Creative Industry and Business Opportunities in Culture [MI]

EuroMed 2021

30 Sep-03 Oct 2021|Virtual, GR|Conference (Co-Organiser)
3D Mapping and Printing – New Technologies in Humanities Sciences [KE]

European Researchers’ Night 2021: ENGAGE

24 Sep 2021|Virtual, CY|Public Outreach (Demonstration)

2nd Sino-Hellenic International Conference on Global Issues of Environment & Culture

17-19 Sep 2021|Virtual, CN|Conference (Presentation)
When ancient Pythian Games should be performed in the present era through the Antikythera Mechanism [KE]

4th International Symposium of ICOMOS

16-18 Sep 2021|Virtual, SI|Conference (Presentation)
The Digitization, Preservation, Protection & Promotion of Medieval Cultural heritage in Cyprus [GT]

EAA Community for 3D Technologies in Archaeology Panel Discussion

03 Sep 2021|Virtual, DE|Public Outreach (Panel)

28th CIPA Symposium

28 Aug-01 Sep 2021|Virtual, CN|Conference (Attendance)

Workshop on Virtual and Smart Cultural Tourism

15 Jul 2021|Virtual, AT|Workshop (Presentation)
Digital Cultural Tourism (Event video recording) [MI]

Press Conference for the Antikythera Mechanism

06 Jul 2021|Limassol, CY|Public Outreach (Organiser)

Joint Event Copyright Directive 2019/790

28 Jun 2021|Virtual, CY|Workshop (Organiser)
Event video recording available


24 Jun 2021|Virtual, NL|Conference (Presentation)
Digital 3D Documentation of Cypriot Cultural Heritage Monuments & Sites [MI, RD, FR, DP]

CAA 2021

14-18 Jun 2021|Virtual, CY|Conference (Organiser)

Joint Symposium Greece-Cyprus 2021-2027: Bilateral cooperation in the field of Digital Cultural Heritage & Regional Development – New challenges, New perspectives

26 May 2021|Virtual, CY|Workshop (Co-Organiser)

Joint Workshop Mnemosyne/OPHERA Digital technologies for Knowledge & Promotion of Cultural Heritage During the Restoration & Reconstruction Process

17-21 May 2022|Virtual, CY|Workshop (Co-Organiser)

Europeana Digital Programme 2021

11 May 2021|Virtual, BE|Conference (Presentation)
When Monuments Talk [KE, NJ, HC]

ReDiscover Europe Joint Webinar IMPACTOUR/Mnemosyne

09 May 2021|Virtual, PT|Workshop (Organiser)

2021 EUA Annual Conference

22-23 Apr 2021|Virtual, BE|Conference (Presentation)
Universities as places of culture: Luxury or necessity? [MI]

ICOMOS International Day for Monuments & Sites – Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures

18 Apr 2021|Virtual, CY|Public Outreach (Organiser)

ICOM International Museum Day – The Future of Museums: Recover & Reimagine

18 Apr 2021|Virtual, CY|Public Outreach (Organiser)
Introductory video available [KE]

Workshop for Digital Education & the Power of Storytelling with Europeana

15 Apr 2021|Virtual, CY|Workshop (Organiser)
Event video recording available

Joint Workshop for the Quality in 3D Digitisation of Tangible Cultural Heritage

14 Apr 2021|Virtual, CY|Workshop (Organiser)

First School on Smart Data Processing and Systems of Deep Insight

12-16 Apr 2021|Virtual, CY|Summer School (Presentation)
The Mnemosyne Project [KE]

Lessons learnt and future perspectives in light of the new ERA

07 Apr 2021|Virtual, GR|Workshop (Presentation)
The Mnemosyne Project [KE]

Youth Engagement in UNESCO designated sites Workshop

01-03 Mar 2021|Virtual, ES|Workshop (Participation)

NETCHER Final Forum

 01-02 Mar 2021|Virtual, DE|Conference (Presentation)
 Repair: NETCHER Recommendations [MI]

Digital Past Conference 2021

08-12 Feb 2021|Aberystwyth, GB|Conference (Workshop)
How Complex is 3D Digitisation in Cultural Heritage? [MI, RD, FR, DP]

National Committee of ICOMOS Cyprus & the Commissioner for the Development of Mountain Communities

05 Feb 2021|Virtual, CY|Forum (Presentation)
The Mnemosyne Project & Digital Heritage for Strategic Planning [MI]

European Commission’s Education & Culture Executive Agency New Year’s Event

28 Jan 2021|Virtual, BE|Workshop (Presentation)
When Cultural Heritage objects start to talk [MI]

eArchiving in Action: Archives & Preservation

25 Jan 2021|Virtual, BE|Workshop (Presentation)
EU VIGIE2020/645 Study on Quality in 3D Digitisation of Tangible Cultural Heritage  [MI]

Project Gyrolog Final Conference

04-05 Jan 2021|Virtual, DE|Conference (Attendance)

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