UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage MNEMOSYNE
at the Cyprus University of Technology

Activity 2020

Altre voci, altri Musei: lezioni dedicate agli studenti di Museologia

11 Dec 2020|Virtual, IT|Conference (Presentation)

ICOM/CIDOC 2020 Annual Conference

07-09 Dec 2020|Virtual, CH|Conference (Workshop)

ICOM/CIDOC 2020 Annual Conference

07-09 Dec 2020|Virtual, CH|Conference (Workshop)
Web-based 3D Platforms & Metadata for Cultural Heritage [TR]

ICOM/CIDOC 2020 Annual Conference

07-09 Dec 2020|Virtual, CH|Conference (Workshop)
Digital Crowdsourcing in Europe [RD]

ICOM/CIDOC 2020 Annual Conference

07-09 Dec 2020|Virtual, CH|Conference (Workshop)
3D Data Acquisition: Is Geometry Enough? [DP]

European Researchers’ Night 2020

27 Nov 2020|Virtual, CY|Public Outreach (Dissemination)
Building a Virtual City- Not a Video Game [DP, EA]

CLARIN General Assembly

23-24 Nov 2020|Virtual DE|Conference (Participation)

Europeana 2020 conference

11-13 Nov 2020|Virtual, BE|Conference (Participation)

EuroMed 2020. 8th International Euro-Mediterranean Conference on
Digital Heritage

02-05 Nov 2020|Virtual, CY|Conference (Organiser)

Europeana Archaeology Conference: Connecting Archaeology in Europe

08-09 Oct 2020|Virtual, DE|Conference (Attendance)

ICOM Scientific Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques (ICAMT) Online Conference

08 Oct 2020|Virtual, FR|Conference (Paper)
VR in the Time of Social Distancing: New Multidisciplinary-Inspired Directions for Virtual Exhibitions [DP, GO]

CLARIN ERIC Annual Conference 2020

07 Oct 2020|Virtual, DK|Conference (Presentation)
Mnemosyne language Tool: Towards creating a new lexical resource for a Knowledge Model in Cultural Heritage [HC]

CLARIN ERIC, SSHOC Online Information Sessions

30 Sep 2020|Virtual, FI|Webinar (Participation)

2021 EUA DBPTK – an eArchiving solution for database archiving

24 Sep 2020|Virtual, BE|Webinar (Participation)

Digital Solutions and Innovations in Multi-Layer Big Data in the Rehabilitation of the Holy Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem

23 Sep 2020|Virtual, CY|Webinar (Organiser)

Information Systems for Documenting Scientific Research in the Humanities & Social Sciences – Problems &Challenges

23 Sep 2020|Virtual, GR|Webinar (Participation)

Virtual Research Environments &Ancient Manuscripts

10-11 Sep 2020|Virtual, CH|Webinar (Participation)

Geophysical Mapping of Archaeological Architectural Remains

09 Sep 2020|Virtual, CY|Webinar (Participation)

Europeana Task Force on Digital Storytelling

01 Sep – 31 Dec 2020|Virtual BE|Task Force (Participation)

ISPRS 2020 Conference Webinar

31 Aug 2020|Virtual, FR|Webinar (Participation)

Emerging Virtual and Augmented Reality Environments

22 Jul 2020|Virtual, CY|Webinar (Participation)

Enrich Metadata

16-17 June 2020|Virtual, SE|Webinar (Participation)

Europe Day Webinar presented by the DHRLab & Heritage Malta

09 May 2020|Virtual, MT|Webinar (Co Organiser)
Digital Heritage a Holistic Approach (event video available) [MI]

COMOS/CIPA Comité International de la Photogrammétrie Architecturale – Accessing Heritage Places from Home Webinar Series

07 May 2020|Virtual, CA|Webinar (Participation)

Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage Management

12 May-5 Jun 2020|Virtual, GR|Summer School (Participation)

Spring Archaeology – “Comunicazione e valorizzazione”

05 May 2020|Virtual, IT|Conference (Panel)

DARIAH-ERIC IGNITE Digital Roundtable Conference

29 Apr 2020|Virtual, AT|Conference (Participation)

UNESCO Shared Memory Event

22 Apr 2020|Virtual, CY|Public Outreach (Desemination)
 Try to re-create a monument and learn its story [MI, KE, FR, DP, HC]

Digital Heritage Online Lecture

07 Mar 2020|Virtual, CY|Webinar (Organiser)

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