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an EU-funded project centred on holistic documentation of the Digital Cultural Heritage lifecycle, in support of existing and potential user needs.


Mnemosyne is a project for a single-stage Coordination and Support Action submitted under WIDESPREAD-03-2017 – ERA Chairs. Context Cultural Heritage is a strategic resource for Europe with high cultural, social, environmental and economic value. The era of Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH) is now well underway and the European research resource for DCH has grown significantly in recent years.

Research Topics

Data Processing

Data Processing is the management of data collected during data acquisition, as well as from wider sources, to extract knowledge and the intangible story related to Cultural Heritage assets, in order to digitally reconstruct them. … Read moreData Processing

Use & Reuse

The area of Use and Reuse focuses on how data already shared and archived in repositories may be effectively deployed to different purposes: knowledge production, teaching, outreach, product development and others. … Read moreUse & Reuse

Cyprus University of Technology
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