UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage MNEMOSYNE
at the Cyprus University of Technology

CORDIS Spreads the eFikardou News

We were very excited to see eFikardou in an article published by CORDIS this week. CORDIS (The Community Research and Development Information Service) is the European Commission’s primary source of results from the projects funded by the EU’s framework programmes for research and innovation, with a mission is to bring European Union funded research project results to professionals, to foster open science, create innovative products and services and stimulate growth across Europe.

We are very proud that CORDIS chose eFikardou as a news item and published the story in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian an Polish not only extending the reach of the projects that were involved in creating the online platform (TExTOUR, MNEMOSYNE, IMPACTOUR and EUreka3D) but most importaintly offering a boost to sustainable tourism in Fikardou, the beautiful but often over looked mountain regions of Cyprus and extending the tourist offering to the island in general.

Thank you CORDIS and Willkommen in Fikardou, Bienvenido a Fikardou, Bienvenue à Fikardou, Benvenuti a Fikardou and Witamy w Fikardou!

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