Under the heading From the closet to the network. 3D digitization of university collections – how does the final conference of the BMBF 2017-2020 funded digitization project Gyrolog. Establishment of a digital gyro collection for historical and didactic research, which was originally scheduled in July 2020 and was postponed to the beginning of January 2021, now, adapted to the current pandemic situation, virtualized on January 4th and 5th, 2021.

The conference at the end of the term of Gyrolog not only presents the methods used and the results achieved by Gyrolog. Rather, it also forms a forum for presenting thematically related current research projects as well as fundamentally discussing methodologies, user requirements and application horizons of the 3D digitization of scientific collections. A plenary discussion with short impulse contributions from decision-makers and from 3D practice rounds off the lecture program.

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