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2022 Winter School on Digital Cultural Tourism and Diplomacy

    Indigenous cultural heritage is the legacy of tangible physical objects combining the intangible aspects of a group of society. Objects, artefacts, buildings, places and monuments aside, intangible cultural heritage, also known as “living heritage” or “living culture”, refers to living practices, representations, expressions, knowledge, and skills passed down [...]

2nd International Conference on Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling Cultural Heritage

The scope of the 2nd conference on Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (TMM-CH) is to present the latest developments in research and innovation that identify novel trends to build an interdisciplinary approach to conservation and holistic digital documentation of cultural heritage. The utilization and [...]

Th Future of the Virtual Past

Among the enduring challenges in art and architectural history is the reconstruction of thephysical form, experience, and context of artworks and buildings in the historic past. Over time, sculpture, paintings, and furnishings have been altered and dislodged from their original locations; the uses and meanings that once animated them have [...]

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